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      A showstopper from the start, Tallulah is the first dress we ever rented! We love the free spirited vibe of Tallulah and are so excited to share her with you! Here's the skinny!


      • Size 4
      • Waist: 26", 32", Length: 60"
      • Gray Tulle Maxi Dress
      • Rhinestone Embroidery on Sheer Bodice
      • Zipper Side


      We love Tallulah! Going to prom? Tallulah is the perfect party dress! Planning a rad bridal shoot? You'll love Tallulah! Want a fun dress for engagement photographs? You'll love her! Tallulah can be used for so many different types of shoots andevents - start brainstorming and the possibilities are endless!


      Note: The cup linings on Tallulah are obvious in certain lighting conditions. Keep an eye out for this when shooting!



      Love the disco ball in these photos? If you're local, rent it here! Looking for a long necklace? We've got you! Love the look of a fingertip veil? Here's a bunch!



      Coming Soon!


      MODEL INFO: Model is 5'8" and a size 2.

      PRODUCT VALUE: $175

      LOVE THIS BOUQUET? It's by our friend Hannah of Fleurish Flower Farm and Floristry in Fayetteville, Arkansas!

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      We've got you! There'll be a return shipping sticker in your box! All you have to do is slap the shipping label on top of the original and drop it off at the Post Office. Products must be dropped off by noon the day after your rental period ends. After you drop the products off, shoot us an email to let us know it is on the way!


      We charge $15 a day up to 14 days if products are not returned in a timely manner. If a product is not returned within 14 days, the full product value + a $50 restocking fee will be charged to your credit card.


      We understand that dirt and small blemishes will happen during the course of rentals. However, if substantial damage is done to a dress or rental product, the full product value + a $50 restocking fee will be charged to your card. If the dress is damaged but repairable, a cleaning or repair fee will be charged based on the amount of damage. We hope that you will treat the dresses - and products! - like you borrowed them from a friend or sister!


      Unless otherwise noted in the listing, please don't use safety pins on the dresses, shoot the dresses in water or any other extreme conditions (mudslides, active volcanoes, zombie apocalypses). We want to keep the dresses in the best possible condition for future rentals and we need your help in doing that!

      We are so excited to see what you create!

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