Meet Lissa!


Hey! My name's Lissa Chandler and I am REAL bad at taking photos of myself so here's one of me, my husband, and my youngest way back in the spring of 2020.


Photographs are my jam. Also my jam? Bright colors, embroidered dresses, mismatched patterns, the lamest jokes, neon signs, fun coffee mugs, and awesome ghost stories. A professional photographer since 2011, I started Opal and June in 2018 with my best friend Lauren (more about that here!) and it's been the most unique (and FUN!) experience of my professional life. Opal and June began solely as a dress rental shop where I rented my photography wardrobe to photographers all over the US. Then, in 2022, a quick idea to add photographer tee shirts to the website turned into so much more. Once I made one tee shirt, I made another. And then another. And then 5, 10, 15, 100, 300-something more. I was hooked! And once I was hooked? I knew it was time to make my own (ridiculously colorful) mockup photos, too. I mean, how could I not?!


It's been a huge learning curve - I never dreamed I'd sell stock (mockup) photos, let alone design tee shirts! - but also so freaking incredible, too!


Once I established my Etsy shops in 2022 - you can find my shop items here + my mockup photos here! - I went back and forth on opening a new website and decided that two websites + two Etsy shops was more than enough for me, lol. Nowadays, you'll still find our dress rentals but there is also so much more: shirts, sweatshirts, puzzles, educational materials, mockup photographs + bumper stickers, too! With everything combined, Opal and June is now a super loved + mismatched hodge podge of a website bursting at the seams with all kinds of products. I'm obsessed with all of it and SO proud to share all of it with you, too! Thank you so much for being here! Let me know if you have any questions about anything!


Lissa Chandler


P.S. Want to keep up with the chaos? You can find my photography website here, my Instagram here + Opal and June on Insta here, too! Want all the links? I've got you, boo!


I can't promise I'll post all the time but, when I do, I think you're going to love it.