Terms and Conditions: Mockups



All mockup photographs are digital downloads. No physical items will be given. After your purchase, you'll be sent a download link to download your item.



We use PNG file format for all of our mockup photographs. Why PNG? PNG files offer high quality photo compression that'll stay bright + detailed over many edits and mockup designs. Items may be saved as a JPEG once downloaded.



We retain copyright over all of our photographs. Mockup photographs may not be re-sold in anyway.

But hey! We see you! Mockup photographs may be edited to fit the overall aesthetic of a buyer's website or storefront: ie a background color may be changed, a shirt color may be changed, or a photograph may be darkened / lightened to fit a storefront vibe if deemed necessary. Photographs may also be cropped, zoomed in, and edited after download.



Opal and June holds copyright for all of our photographs + will continue to hold copyright after purchase. Due to this, redistribution of original photographs is not allowed. However, if a mockup has been created, the mockup can be redistributed as long it is marketing the designer’s work.

Example 1: A designer creates a mockup and shares it with a supplier. The supplier is given the mockup photograph with a design placed on the photograph. This falls under commercial use and is allowed.

Example 2: A buyer downloads an original photograph and shares it with another person or company. This violates usage terms as no mockup has been created and the photograph is not marketing the buyer's work.



Mockup photographs are intended for individual designers and small businesses with less than three employees. If your business has more than two employees, please contact us for more information on licensing rates.

Mockups may not be used for discriminatory, suggestive, or inflammatory designs. If you have any questions about this, for sure let us know!



All sales are final. Have a question about an item or policy? Shoot us a message before your purchase! We'd be so happy to answer any questions for you!



All mockup photographs are taken by Opal and June owner, Lissa Chandler. Opal and June, a division of Lissa Chandler Photography LLC, started in 2018 as a way for Lissa Chandler to share her awesome closet of rad wedding dresses + photoshoot props with photographers across the US.

In 2022, a quick idea to add tee shirts to Opal and June turned into a full-blown shop full of shirts, sweatshirts, puzzles, and so much there. And from there? Our mockup shop was born! As nationally published portrait, editorial, and wedding photographer, my mockup goal is to create fun + unique branding for Print on Demand sellers and designers.

Can't wait to see what you create! Thank you so much for being here!


If you have any questions about anything, email me at: opalandjuneshop@gmail.com 

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