Vintage Botanical Puzzle with Books and Dinosaurs: Difficult Floral Puzzle for Adults


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      Puzzle: Vintage Botanicals with Books and Dinosaurs 
      Digital Art Collage Design
      Vibrant Colors + Glossy Finish
      Comes in Paper Box
      Recommended for Ages 9 and Up
      Available in Four Sizes!


      Puzzle Note One: Puzzle picture dimensions will vary slightly per size. Puzzle boxes will also slightly vary due to size - some are true boxes; other are more of a paper envelope.

      Puzzle Note Two: This puzzle has small, hard pieces not suitable for young children. Puzzle pieces may pose a choking hazard and should not be used by children without adult supervision. This puzzle is recommended for ages 9 and up.


      SIZING (Inches):

      110 Pieces: 7.99 x 10
      252 Pieces: 10.59 x 13.5
      500 Pieces: 15.98 x 20
      1014 Pieces: 19.02 x 28.5


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