A 1970s Inspiration Shoot in the Seattle Woods | Planned by Tapestry Events

Posted on March 03 2021

A 1970s Inspiration Shoot in the Seattle Woods | Planned by Tapestry Events


We are so excited to share this 70s inspired shoot with y'all! Based in Seattle, Tapestry Events pulled off a gorgeous shoot with our dress Clementine. We're so in love with this boho setting (those trees!), the barefoot bride, and all these gorgeous tones.


Get ready for some beautiful photographs and to fall in love with the words below by Kelleen of Tapestry Events!




This shoot was inspired by the 70s retro trend happening in fashion and style. We are embracing fall tones, structured pants, and big sleeves in the world around us. We love it! But in most of the imagery and advertisements we see, the models are white, as if the history before us were only experienced by one race. We know this is not true. We loved the idea of bringing in a couple of color and their love story into this space. What resulted was a lovely day with Anh Thu Le and Hoan Do with soft lighting filtering through the trees and gorgeous golden tones.




Designer + Planner: Kate + Kaska of Tapestry Event Co. // @tapestryeventco // Seattle, WA + Beyond

Photographer: Ashley of Beginning & End Photography // @beginningandendphoto // WA + Beyond

Florist: Angelene of Villanelle Floral // @villanellefloral // Seattle, WA

Hair + Makeup Artist: Ashleigh of Ashleigh Victoria Artistry // @ashleighvictoriaartistry // Olympic Peninsula, WA

Caterer: Dimitria of Grate Boards // @grateboards // Seattle, WA

Linen Designer: Izzy + Ollie // Nashville, TN

Dress Designer: Clementine from Opal + June // @opalandjune // US

Tie Designer: Marca Leather // @marcaleather // Turkey

Couple: Anh Thu Le + Hoan Do // @anh_thule




Anh Thu Le and Hoan met four years ago at a conference Anh Thu Le was coordinating in Texas. Hoan, a motivational speaker, was teaching a workshop, and when he arrived, Anh Thu Le happened to be there to greet him. She had had a hectic morning, but seeing Hoan, she was “totally caught off guard.” They were instantly charmed by each other and stayed in touch. After their first date, they both claim that they knew they had found the one. Three years after the first day they met, Hoan decided to propose to Anh Thu Le. He wanted to recreate one of their favorite dates when they tried to visit a “Before I die…” wall and decided to create their own. He involved their friends and family, contacted the Before I Die organization, and created a beautiful and touching video of their proposal. Their love for projects, working hard at their passions, and experiencing joy in the everyday keeps them grounded in their developing marriage. Anh Thu and Hoan are examples of a relationship built on respect for individual endeavors, mutual support of dreams, and putting in the work to share the adventure together. To us, they are revolutionaries of this time in the realm of equitable and supportive marriages, forging a unique path to happiness and setting an example of what is possible in a partnership.



Tapestry Events, thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous shoot with us! We adore it!

Want to see your photographs on the Opal and June Blog? We've got you!

XOXO, Lissa and Lauren

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