A Spot of Sunshine for This Crazy Time | Our Newest Product Photos!

Posted on March 20 2020

A Spot of Sunshine for This Crazy Time | Our Newest Product Photos!


What a time to be alive!


The past week has been a rollercoaster in so many ways so, this afternoon, we are popping in with some product photographs full of sunshine! One of my goals for Opal and June is to do a lot of mini product shoots and this one with my sister, Anna, was so fun! We shot these in my living room on Savage's Lemonade seamless paper and the color combined with these light blues, light pinks, and whites was killer.


Can't wait to share these fun shots with you! I'll link the products too in case an outfit catches your eye!


First up! Greta! This little vintage lingerie set is my fave. That blue! Those rosettes!! All I want in life is to photograph this outfit in a vintage setting with someone's hair up in hot rollers. Wouldn't that be so cute?! I'm here for it!



Next! We have Betty and if you don't love her already I know you will! 


I'd been eyeing Betty for ages but couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger (she was pricey for such a cute little tulle number!) but then my parents gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday last year and that was that: ten minutes later I was the proud new owner of a tulle nightgown. I'm obsessed and Anna is, too! Like, don't laugh too hard, but when she saw this in my closet she gasped and said, "This is the kind of bougie robe I want to be buried in!" and I'm still not over it. Ha!



How cute is Billie?!


I LOVE this cute blue and white dress and loved it so much with this pearl headband, too! This dress is a total Cinderella dress and I love that it can be styled so many ways. How cute would a cape or a long veil or even a bolero be with this dress? Love her!



And last but not least! Lennon!


Lauren and I both love this Fillyboo dress so stinking much. And now that we have these photographs of Anna? You can see how this dress looks on three different models! I love that and cannot wait to expand our listings for y'all to see our dresses on different models + different colored backdrops! It's going to be so fun and so stinking gorgeous to have so many colorful listings on our product pages!



I hope this little blog post brightened your day a bit! The world's a bit crazy right now and, with that, many of us are putting our shoots on hold (myself included!) but I can't wait to collect more inspiration + artist interviews to share with you soon!


XOXO. Lissa

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