Product Spotlight: Tallulah

Posted on February 24 2020

Product Spotlight: Tallulah


Happy Monday, Friends!

Today, I am super stoked to share a bit about one of our favorite dresses with y'all! When I first stumbled upon Tallulah, it was love at first sight. Tallulah is the most sparkly, romantic slip of a tulle dress and, when I found her, I knew I had to photograph her! Ordering dresses online can be a really scary prospect - you don't always know what you're going to get! - and, when Tallulah finally arrived in the mail, I was floored with how much I loved her. She's a gem and such a showstopper, too!



I first photographed Tallulah while teaching a composition class at Click Away in St. Augustine, Florida. After such a short session, though, I was dying to take more images and, when the opportunity came to plan a styled shoot in Denver a few weeks later, I couldn't help but photograph her again. While my shoot in Florida was very minimal - no bouquet, no styled table, just a super in love husband and wife - my shoot in Denver was more structured with different backgrounds, three models, and a super cute tablescape designed mostly by myself and Bri Bond Photography. 



Not going to lie - this shoot in Denver was a bit of a game changer for me.

At this point in my photography career, I'd photographed lots of different shoots in lots of different cities but this was the first time that I built a full styled shoot in a city where, before the shoot, I had zero contacts. Lucky for me, I met Bri Bond, Shelby Gloudemans, and Katie Keighin in a Facebook group and, together, we collaborated on this fun shoot at Skylight with models from NXT, makeup by Shear Abby, and florals by Marzeyeh. Katie provided all of the plants for this shoot (still obsessed with them nearly two years later!) and she even built a wooden hexagon backdrop for the shoot (she's amazing!). This session was such a fun experience and meeting new photographers in a new city was awesome. I loved it!



When we first launched Opal and June, I knew that Tallulah would be one of our most popular rentals. What I couldn't predict, though, is that Tallulah is super popular for beach photoshoots and locations near water. In the past eighteen months, Tallulah has been photographed at several Southern beaches, been flown across the country countless times, and has even been photographed in the Caribbean and published in magazines, too! It has been so fun to see so many different photographers photograph this sweet dress and I can't wait to see who photographs her next!




Check out these rad photos by a few of our favorite photographers! I love seeing one dress photographed so many ways! McDuff Photo, Sylvia Stahl Photo, Heather Buckley Photography, Gisele Morales Photography, and Steph Smith Photography.

Want to photograph Tallulah? RENT HER HERE!



And a little note! Tallulah will be pulled later from our closet later this year so that we can keep her looking fresh! If you want to photograph this gem of a dress, be sure to secure your date by placing your order now! Can't wait to see what you create!

XOXO - Lissa

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