Product Spotlight: Moss Chair

Posted on March 02 2020

Product Spotlight: Moss Chair



Hello friends! Is it Spring yet? I'll just be over here hibernating until that sun shows back up!

Today, I wanted to highlight one of our local pick-up props! This moss chair was crafted by our co-founder, Lauren, in one of her craft frenzies. Shout-out to the girls who have big ideas but don't always follow through on them (but hey, sometimes we do and the results are great)! 

Photographer: Lauren Harris
Florist: Eleni 
Hair & Makeup: Bo Senesomxay
Model: Jenn
Dress: Ophelia at Opal & June


The chair is local pick-up only due to the size (and you likely need a truck to transport it!)


This beautiful chair has only been used for one shoot and we are dying to see what other people do with it!


xo. Lauren

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