A Bohemian Styled Shoot at Harmony Gardens | Photographs by McDuff Photography

Posted on February 26 2020

A Bohemian Styled Shoot at Harmony Gardens | Photographs by McDuff Photography


Today, we are SUPER excited to launch our styled shoot blog series! Over the past year, we have seen our dresses, jewelry, and props travel near and far and I am so pumped to finally start sharing some of our favorite sessions by our favorite photographers! First up, we've got a classic bohemian styled shoot with a rad van, beautiful murals, lush flowers, and the cutest couple. Take it away, Brittni!


Erin and Brittni McDuff



How long have you been shooting?
We've been shooting for close to 10 years now! It was small in the beginning but has grown significantly and we're enjoying the new pace!


What's your main photography focus?


How did you get into photography? Was it something you always loved or did it take you by surprise?
Erin, my husband, got into photography as a kid watching his dad take photos. Eventually he inherited one of his dad's old cameras and began shooting landscapes. He said he'd never shoot a wedding but then a friend of his mom's asked him to shoot her wedding. He enjoyed the process so much that he kept it up!

I came along and shot my first wedding in 2011. I loved the creative aspect but also the service part. Helping make a couple's wedding day as smooth as possible was wonderful. That natural servant heart has since been the beat behind our business. We absolutely want to grow creatively and develop our craft but we also fully recognize this is a relational business. That relationship, trust, and service is what we want to be known for... along with beautiful images!



What inspires you? Are you more of a technical shooter or are you more creative?
Erin is inspired by the moment and lines, by reacting to what's happening. He loves the technical side of things.

I (Brit) am inspired by emotion and color, by creating a natural moment in a pose. I love the creative aspect of shooting!

Pretty good team to have!



Venue: Harmony Gardens
Planner: Rick Steiner
Florals/Design: Blossom Events and Florist
Cake: Gigi's
VW Photo Booth/Prop: Prim & Proper
Photography: McDuff Photography
Gowns: Opal and June
Menswear: Orville's Men Store



Opal and June Products Used:

Where did you pull inspiration for your shoot? Was there something that sparked an idea or did it take a lot of brainstorming? Maybe both?

This shoot was inspired by Harmony Gardens. They held a wedding the day before and wanted us to come in to utilize some of their existing decor with a bohemian vibe. It was a lot of fun to gather local vendors to help complete the florals and table scape available.


How would you describe the vibe of your shoot?
Bohemian classic!



Did you DIY any of your shoot? Work with lots of vendors? We want to hear all about it!
Our models DIY'd their looks! Shelby, our "bride" is a cosmetologist so that was fantastic! Her IRL boyfriend was our groom and that was the best decision, to have an actual couple model for us! It made the images much more engaging and natural.

The vendors included Harmony Gardens, Rick Steiner, Blossom Events Florist, Gigi's Cupcakes, Prim & Proper, Opal and June, Orville's Men Store and of course us!



Did anything go wrong during your shoot or in the planning process? What happened and how did you make it work?
No, thankfully it didn't. We shot on a Sunday afternoon with no time constraints and an easy going team. This allowed us to collaborate well together and create something we're all very proud of.


If you could give photographers one piece of advice when shooting a styled shoot, what would it be?
This is a hard question because this is only our second styled shoot! I'd say having someone besides the photographer to keep an eye on the stylistic details. I was able to do that for most of the shoot and that helped us a lot. I'd also say be sure to include the other vendors and ask for their thoughts. Collaboration is crucial to creativity!



 Thanks so much for sharing your photographs with us, Erin and Britinni! We absolutely love them and can't wait to see what y'all dream up next.


XOXO. Lauren and Lissa

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